Where are you in your journey?

  • At work I constantly have the feeling there has to be a "better way", but I am not too sure where to start?

    If that sounds like you, you're not alone. In this case we would first recommend you sign up for our free Lean Primer course. It will give you a brief intro into how we approach change. Afterwards, the Removing the Blinders course, the first part of our Make Work Great Again certificate is a great place to start!

  • My company or area is constantly plagued by defects, high turnover, and low employee morale. Is there anything we can do to quickly help improve our situation?

    In this case it sounds like you are suffering from a lack of standards. More than likely every single person in your area is performing their daily tasks in a different way. This makes training nearly impossible. No one can figure out why things keep going wrong and morale continues to slip. Standard work is the key to eliminating this variation and getting everyone on the same page!

  • I know what is holding us back, I just can't figure out how to consistently make things better. What course would be best?

    In this case we would suggest either the whole Make Work Great Again certificate! If you are interested in some credentials behind it, you can enroll in our Practical Six Sigma Green Belt.

  • I have spent some time helping with Continuous Improvement projects and am looking to further my understanding and career. What would you suggest?

    In this case we would absolutely suggest you enroll in our Practical Lean Sis Sigma Green belt program!

  • I am a Business Leader looking to enroll several of my employees into training? What would you suggest?

    That is a great question, and in this case we would recommend that you either call us directly at (404) 915-8020 or email us at info@tes.run

Get started with a free course!

Still not too sure where to start, our Lean Primer Series is a great start!